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Our History Graviton

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Established In 1906

Graviton began as a humble operation in 1996 when workers in collared shirts and coveralls wielded hand tools and guided horse-drawn machinery on the first dusty construction sites. We could have never imagined that small-town builder growing into what it has become today — one of the largest and most respected construction companies.

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Let’s See Our Process

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The Beginning

After first coming to Western Canada in 1903, Ernest (Ernie) Poole starts a construction company in Stoughton, Saskatchewan. Nulla dictum placerat sagittis. Donec nec laoreet arcu.

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Three years after moving the company’s headquarters to Rouleau, Saskatchewan, in 1910, Ernie incorporates his company as Poole Construction Ltd. and sets his sights on bigger construction projects. Maecenas nisi ex, sodales suscipit dapibus.

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First Major Buildings Project

Poole Construction Ltd. completes its first major buildings project, the Weyburn Hospital in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. The building covered nearly 6 acres of land, and more than 4 million bricks and 1.25 million feet of rough timber were used to construct it.

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Family Business

John and George Poole take a leap of faith and purchase Poole Construction Ltd. from their father, Ernie. Before transferring ownership, Ernie wrote down a set of guidelines that came to be known as “Poole’s Rules.” These principles helped Ernie successfully navigate his journey in the construction business and are the foundation of PCL's guiding principles today.

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Employee Ownership

With a belief that employee ownership would result in greater loyalty and stability, and an admiration for other companies using the model, CEO Bob Stollery and 24 other senior managers purchase Poole Construction Ltd. from the Poole family, signaling the start of employee ownership.

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First U.S. Civil Prpject

PCL begins work on their first major American heavy civil project, Glade Creek Bridge in West Virginia. The company establishes civil infrastructure operations in Florida and Arizona that same year.

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Choosing To Included

PCL’s Diversity initiative is created to enrich the organization and further draw upon the backgrounds and perspectives of employees to drive innovative solutions.

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